Weed Chat With: Caroline of INDA Creations

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There’s nothing quite like discovering a company with products you love, and a mission you believe in.

INDA Creations first captured our interest on instagram, but it wasn’t until we spoke with the creator Caroline that we became truly inspired by the heart, soul and craft behind her work.

From custom INDA pipes and flower blends to wellness products like Hemp + Sage balm, CBD infused honey and ritual wraps, everything in Caroline’s shop is inspired by the powerful connection we have as humans to Mother Earth.

Read on to learn more about INDA Creations in our exclusive HeyHelloHigh interview with Caroline.

Hi, Caroline! Tell us a bit about you, and how you started your business.


I lived on a farm in Vermont for several months with my dear friends and their two children who traded in city life for a simpler, healthier lifestyle closely connected to nature.  They moved into a historic farmhouse built in the 1800’s and worked diligently to restore the property, outbuildings, and land.  

I became very connected to nature and learned about growing, cultivating and consuming plants, herbs and flowers.  My dear friend, Becca, an herbalist and farmer, taught me so much about herbs and their extensive healing properties. That year they decided to start growing hemp and then a light bulb went off…I wanted to share the beauty, joy and simplicity that the farm brought into my life and the healing components of hemp with others and so the honey and salve was born.  

All of the plants I use in my line (hemp for the hemp honey and salve plus all of the herbal blends, sage for smudge sticks, etc.) come from this special farm.  The HEAL Blend to our product line which is a meditative, relaxing and clearing blend of Hemp, Lavender, Mint + Raspberry Leaf.  

“Smoke Sip Soak” is the principle of all of our blends – Sip as a natural herbal tea, soak in a bath for relaxing aromatherapy, or smoke in our pipe necklace or in a spliff.inda-creations-heyhellohigh

THC vs CBD… which do you prefer?

I prefer using CBD personally because of it’s endless benefits but I see the value in both. I am fascinated by how CBD can support healing in your body from the inside out.  It effectively alleviates anxiety and calms and soothes my muscles when I’m sore from too much adventuring.

What other infused products do you love?

Apothecanna’s extra strength pain relief spray.  I also think Foria’s products are innovative as well. 

What do you love most about being a part of the Cannabiz community?          

It’s hard to pick a favorite – there are so many!  I love the community that is created over cbd-honey-hemp-inda-creationsthe shared love of plant medicine and the commitment to heal ourselves through more natural modalities. Working in an industry that promotes holistic healing feels so gratifying.  Watching cannabis go mainstream and slowly retreat from being the Wild West and working to collectively to break the stigma as business owners, patients and enthusiasts is so inspiring to me.  I love that the industry is constantly changing and evolving and it’s great to see how much room there is for women to grow in the space. 

And, what are some of the biggest challenges you face as a woman entrepreneur in the industry?

I think one of the biggest struggles in cannabis is breaking the stigma around the plant which is not gender specific i.e. “if you use cannabis, you are a lazy or a criminal or a stoner”.  The reality is cannabis that isn’t killing people – its actually improving peoples well beings and saving lives.  The stigma around it seems to be fading into the not so inda-creations-heyhellohigh-flower-pendantdistant past and slowly but surely changing as states legalize and the benefits and uses of the plant are slowly coming to light; people are seeing the positive benefits the plant offers the economy, modern medicine, and society as a whole.

Speaking to female-specific struggles in the space, the challenges we face mirror every other industry and are no different in this one – the assumptions made about women, our abilities and contributions questioned or challenged…What I do love about the industry is that women hold significantly more executive roles than in any other industry.  There is tremendous opportunity for us to sit in this space in cohesion and band together in union.

Tell us, what’s one of your most proud successes?

Our signature piece I created, the INDA Pipe Necklace, was just published in the HighStyle section High Times December 2017 issue. Many exhausting days, weeks and months spent prototyping finally brought this special gem to life.  It’s the first fashion-forward tool for discreet self-healing of it’s kind as the necklace transforms into a working smoking pipe.  It’s been so exciting to see it’s evolution (and INDA’s) after launching just a year ago! 


Image via soul-work



Where do you see your company going in 5 years?

While I try to live presently, I can’t help but get excited about the exciting things we have in store!  I am completely hooked on designing, creating and curating cannabis events after being so touched and moved by the last one I co-created and designed at a festival. I hope to continue to create community and special shared connection through these events and certainly see more of them on the horizon.  

Additionally, I am creating a platform that will combine my background and passion in styling and art direction with healing, which will sit under the INDA brand.  I can’t say too much yet besides that I am certain this process of blending fashion, style, and wellness together will fill my heart with joy.  I am so looking forward to connecting and inda-creations-heyhellohigh-workcollaborating with new like-minded brands, clients, and friends.  I also want to continue to develop CBD products as I fully believe in the extensive healing properties the plant can provide.  The foundation of my brand will always be creating products, services, and tools to help amplify our wellness journeys.  

Who else in the cannabiz industry inspires you?

The people in cannabis who are fighting for this plant also inspire me.  The past advocates and heroes in this space that have paved the way for the new players inspire me.  The brave survivors and patients that are choosing to medicate holistically and face an uphill battle every day just to simply have access to this healing plant for treatment inspire me.  The growers that are risking it all and the brands that are taking a stand and coming out….all of the people fighting against the stigma of the plant inspire me.  It’s inspiring to work in the ever-changing forefront of this space surrounded by passionate people.

Where are INDA producs available?

Of course, our online shop is always open and is the best way to purchase INDA products.  

Additionally, I am carried at a few dozen stores throughout the US and in Canada – Haus Witch (Salem, MA), Olives + Grace (Boston) , Jane Gee (Portsmouth, NH), Tokyo Smoke (Toronto, Canada), Mary Jae Smoke Culture (Austin, Tx), Elevate Jane (LA) to name a few.

I also do various pop-ups, events, markets and festivals (Wanderlust, Desert Daze, etc.) and they are always communicated in advance on our instagram!


— — —

Thanks to Caroline for sitting down for an interview with us! Support her shop online at indacreations.com and if you have a question or comment for Caroline, Post a note below!👇

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