How To: Wake, Bake and Crush Your Day

Rise and shine, babes! Today we’re tackling the age-old topic of the wake and bake.

If this phrase makes you think of that stereotypical lazy stoner smoking their day away, you’re not alone. But like with all other concepts here at Hey Hello High, we’re all about breaking those misconceptions.

In this post, we’ll teach you about waking & baking, plus offer some pro-tips to keep you productive so you can have the best day possible! If you’re brand new to smoking in the a.m., we suggest testing it out on a weekend or day-off, so you know how you’ll feel before waking and baking when you have a really busy day.

First, what exactly does it mean to wake and bake? We’d like to offer an official definition; Smoking within 2 hours of waking up counts as a wake and bake. Have different rules you live by? Let us know below in the comments! 

Now, let’s get down to it. Our first wake and bake pro-tip is…

Have your stash on hand

The night before, set out everything you’ll need for your morning sesh. This could be your bowl, pen, bong or other favorite smoking apparatus. Have your weed or oil on hand, too! Be careful of anything glass on your nightstand that you might knock over, but have it close by for easy access.

Don’t lose track of time

This one is 🔑. Make sure you leave some extra time to have a relaxing morning, which is the whole point of waking and baking to begin with! Set a couple alarms to keep yourself on track, and make sure you’re out the door on time for anything you have going on in the morning. Breaking stoner stereotypes means being on time & ready for your day!

Smoke your favorite sativa strain

Leave your indica in da stash box, babes. For a productive morning high, choose a sativa that will keep you awake, alert and feeling active (one of our favorites is Sour Diesel). If you’re less of a pro smoker, choose a sativa that’s CBD heavy, which will give you a body high and less of a head high.

Be sure you know your dose

As important as choosing the right strain is knowing how much to smoke! Getting too high in the morning can really wreck the rest of your day. If you’re not sure, take smaller hits and build up your high until you’re in a mindset that feels happy and comfortable for you.

Have a delicious & healthy breakfast

Why head out for your day on an empty stomach? Marijuana heightens your sense of taste, so take advantage and grab something delicious. Healthy options will help keep your energy up, too.

Shower and brush your teeth

Good hygiene should be part of any morning routine, and wake and bake hygiene is especially important. Shower off any smoky smells from your body or hair, and a good brush will keep your mouth feeling fresh.

Keep a Wake and Bake kit in your bag

Always a good idea for babes who smoke at any time of day, but keep some Visine on hand, a couple mints and a big bottle of water or seltzer for dry mouth.

There you have it — you’re ready to wake and bake like a total pro, and enjoy a productive day ahead. Have any favorite tips that we missed? Comment below… we’d love to hear from you!

Image Credit: @Wiki_Leaf


9 thoughts on “How To: Wake, Bake and Crush Your Day

  1. I just found your blog! I’m obsessed – it is so refreshing to see that other ladies also see the value in having a healthy cannabis lifestyle! I love starting my day with Airplane Mode, it gives me a nice head buzz and a really soothing body high, kind of like having a massage.


  2. Yes girlies! Axe that false narrative! This fragrant plant given by God, has strains to help every medicinal need, including morning motivation! Imagine entering your day radiating vibrant, free flowing energy, ready to share and connect with others! No wonder it’s demonized! Can’t have the population access their higher selves, oh no, for than they can’t be controlled! Thankfully we are entering an awakening of Truth. Folks are ravenous for what is REAL. And Truth brings FREEDOM! So tell it sisters, educate & awaken! You have this 1StrongGramie’s endorsement!


    1. YES! We understand it’s not for everyone, but in our experience that vibrant, free flowing energy is what it’s all about. Thanks for your glowing endorsement, too. Welcome to the community.


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