How to: Pack Like A Boss

Traveling is one of our #1 joys in life! Boats, planes, trains, and automobiles, you name it, we’ve traveled in it. One of the most frustrating parts of traveling, however, is PACKING! Did you remember everything you need? Did you pack right for the place you are going? Did you overpack? And what do you need to pack in your to go stash bag!? With a few simple tips packing for a weekend or a whole week will be a breeze.

Know the weather and activities –Call me OCD but I like to write out the days I’ll be away so I can better plan my outfits around what I’m doing.

Lay everything out before packing– I always lay out all my outfits on my bed before I start putting everything in my suitcase. It gives me a better idea of exactly how much I’m packing and what I need to add/remove. Generally, I pack a day outfit and a night outfit. Maxi dresses are great because you can switch up your shoes and jewelry to make it go from day to night.

Pack necessities in your carry-on- I always make sure any meds I might need along with snacks, travel docs (id, ticket etc) and a change of clothes. I’ve had my luggage get lost before since then I ALWAYS make sure I have the important stuff + a change of clothes just in case.

Pack everything in a carry-on if possible-I prefer to pack everything in a carry-on if I’m flying somewhere. Be realistic about what you actually need and if you can swing it carrying on makes life a lot easier. I find I can get from plane to taxi in approximately 15 mins when I carry on. I’ll pack fewer shoes and skip that wait thank you!

Make a checklist- Agin maybe a little OCD but the day before I’m set to leave I make a list of DO NOT FORGETS to check off before I leave. I leave the list somewhere I know i’ll see it the moment I wake up.

Must haves for travel-

Portable changer: I love this one from MyCharge. It has 2 USB ports so I can charge my phone and my vape pen at the same time. It also plugs directly into the wall to charge which is my favorite features.

Vape Pen: I love the G Slim. It’s the perfect size for travel, holds a charge and I’m not upset if it gets broken/left behind/dropped in a river because it’s affordable.

Inexpensive Sunglasses- I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost my expensive sunglasses on a boat/jetski/hike etc. I always make sure I have an extra pair that are plastic and I wouldn’t be sad if I lost them. (Pro-Tip: This is a perfect time to use the bud light plastic sunglasses you got at the bar last summer).


Stash Bag-

I always pack a stink sack or a small jar to pack just enough bud for my trip.

Papers/tips/poke tool and a grinder.

Don’t be afraid to repeat outfits or buy a new one on your travels. I always make sure I have hand sanitizer, chapstick, earplugs and face cream as well.

We also have some tips and tricks on how to get your stash through TSA. Follow and DM us on Instagram or shoot us an email and we’ll give you the deets.

I hope you found these tips helpful! Got any good packing tips? Share in the comments below!





(Photo by favim.com)

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