Weed Chat With: Drea of Bloom Cannabis Infused Beauty

One of the best parts of the cannabis industry? The strong, inspiring women that are starting their own businesses & changing the world!

We had the pleasure of interviewing Drea Heppner, the founder, herbalist, chemist (and total lady boss!) behind Bloom cannabis infused beauty.

Tell us, Drea — what inspired you to start your company?

I first had the idea while finishing up my esthetics program. While researching herbs and essential oils I found that cannabis was a potent anti-aging and anti-inflammatory herb. We have been using it medicinally internally so why not topically! I immediately called my mother (an avid cannabis user) and she put me in touch with a friend of her lbs who made investable CBD oils. I provided him with my original recipe for Bloom and our first batch was born. The Bloom cannabis oil complex is now the base of all of our products.


What’s been your most proud moment as a business owner so far?

Definitely the feedback I get from my friends and clients. I get messages from them telling me how amazing their complexion is after only a few days or weeks of use. I couldn’t be prouder.

What challenges have you faced as a women business owner in the cannabis industry? How do you overcome these challenges?

Being a woman in any industry is hard. Trying to position my products as a luxury skincare product, before a medical cannabis product is the hardest part. In an industry full of edibles and dabs it’s hard to be taken seriously. Especially by male consumers.

What product would you recommend to a woman that’s curious to add a CBD-infused beauty product to their daily routine, but has never tried it before?

The nourishing oil! It is our top selling product and the most universal in our collection. It’s amazing as a moisturizer, added to your foundation, run through your hair or if you’re having a particularly stressful day you can place a few drops under your tongue. The products are organic and food grade. So ingesting the oil is totally safe although it may not be too tasty.

What products can we expect to see coming soon in your shop?

We are working on a color line! We just released the Highlighting Droplets in Gilded Rose. They are stunning patted on your cheekbones, cupids bow and brow bone for a pop of dewy shimmer.

Use code HEYHELLOHIGH for $10 your purchase of $50+ at Bloom.

What’s one piece of beauty advice that you wish you knew when you were younger?

Don’t over exfoliate. Most of us over scrub/exfoliate our skin. Doing so causes redness, irritation, dryness and premature aging. Lay off the Clarisonic, NEVER use St. Yves Apricot Scrub and let your skin produce its natural oils. You don’t have to be squeaky clean.

What 3 beauty items are always in your handbag, no matter what?

Lipgloss, my bloom to go roll on, and MAC Brave lip color.

What other lady bosses in the cannabis industry inspire you?

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many lovely lady bosses lately. I love Lifted Karma and her jewelry. Wandering Bud has the most adorable ceramic stash containers and one hitters I’ve ever seen and Mahogany Mary is my girl! She puts on fantastic cannabis events in Los Angeles.

Where do you see your business 1 year from now?

By next year I hope to have double my list of stockists and be on the shelves of more high-end boutiques.

— — —

Thanks to Drea for sitting down for an interview with us! Check out her shop online at Bloom & use code HEYHELLOHIGH for $10 your purchase of $50+. Be sure to follow her on Instagram @Cannabloom_Beauty and if you have a question or comment for Drea, post a note below!👇

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